Býčí Skála Cave

Býčí skála Cave (in Czech Býčí skála, in English The Bull Rock Cave) is part of the second longest cave system in the Czech Republic. It is also famous for archaeological findings. Except for the entrance the cave is not accessible to the public. Infrequently it gets opened for the visitors.

The cave is located in the central part of Moravian Karst, in Josefovské Valley (Josefovské údolí) between the town Adamov and village Křtiny. Together with the cave system Rudické propadání Býčí skála forms the second longest cave system in the country after the Amatérská Cave. Its known length is over 13 km.

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Býčí Skála Cave - History
... The entrance to the cave was always known ... Other theories suggest massacre of people hiding in the cave during a war or explosion of a gas or dust ... In 1920, when water was pumped out another cave was discovered, the "Nová býčí skála" (The New Bull Rock Cave), with a Jedovnický brook (Jedovnický potok ...

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