Bærum Blue Devils

The Bærum Blue Devils is an American football club based in Bærum, Norway. They are former members of the Norway American Football Federation (NoAFF).

Sports clubs in Bærum
Multi-sports clubs
  • Bærums SK
  • Bærums Verk IF
  • Fossum IF
  • SK Frem-31
  • Haslum IL
  • Helset IF
  • Høvik IF
  • Jar IL
  • IL Jardar
  • IL Jutul
  • Lommedalens IL
  • Snarøya SK
  • Stabæk IF
  • IL Tyrving
  • Øvrevoll Hosle IL
Single-sports clubs
  • Asker og Bærum FIK
  • Bærum SK
  • Bærumssvømmerne
  • Bærum Basket
  • rum Blue Devils
  • Bærum og Omegn CK
  • Bærum KK
  • Bærum RK
  • Bærum SF
  • Bærum SK
  • Bærum SL
  • Hauger BK
  • Hauger FK
  • EB-85
  • Sandvika BBK
  • Snarøya CC
  • Stabekk CC
  • Strand KK
  • Valler BBK
  • Vestre Bærum SSL
  • Norwegian College of Elite Sport
  • Norwegian Jockey Club
Italics denotes defunct club.

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