AWA Remco Action Figure Line

The AWA Remco Action Figure line was an action figure toyline based on the wrestlers of the now defunct American Wrestling Association Promotion, or AWA. They were made by the toy company Remco from 1985 to 1986. The toys were made of a solid plastic pose, with moveable waists, legs, arms, and heads. Most came with accessories, from outfits to championship belts. This was actually the first line of wrestling figures available for sale in the United States, preceding the very popular WWF Wrestling Superstars line from LJN which also debuted in 1985.

This set is unique for releasing figures in 2 or 3 packs as opposed to single figure packs. the only figures available in single figure packs was the final series in the collection, the highly collectible Mat Mania series released in 1986.

The set has become increasingly valuable in recent years. The most common figures are the figures released the earliest, and the most sought after are the final series. Loose figures are valuable if they come with the original accessories. The Mat Mania series released in 1986 have been sold on eBay for anywhere from $400-$1200 MOC.

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