Avian may refer to:

  • Bird
  • Avian (band), an American metal band
  • Avian, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • AVIAN International, major international company headquartered in Hungary
  • Avro Avian, a series of British light aircraft designed and built by Avro in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Avian Limited, a British hang glider manufacturer
  • Aviano or Avian, an Italian city
  • Avian JVM, an open-source, lightweight Java virtual machine

Other articles related to "avian":

Cierva C.12
... existing aircraft fuselage - in this case, an Avro Avian ... most significant thing about this aircraft is that after initial tests, the Avian's second cockpit was removed, and the aircraft's undercarriage was replaced by the same floats used to equip standard Avian seaplanes ...
Bill Lancaster (aviator) - Final Flight
... Purchasing the Avro Avian Southern Cross Minor from Charles Kingsford Smith, he departed England on 11 April 1933 ... As the Avian was considerably slower than other aircraft of the time, Lancaster would have to make very short stops and get very little sleep to have any hope of achieving the record ... The Avian's engine failed after less than an hour's flying, and he crash-landed in the desert far north of his expected flight path ...
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