Average Peer

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Illusory Superiority - Explanations - Focalism
... The third explanation for the better-than-average effect is focalism, the idea that greater significance is placed on the object that is the focus of attention ... Most studies of the better-than-average effect place greater focus on the self when asking participants to make comparisons (the question will often be ... "compare yourself to the average person...") ...
Illusory Superiority - Moderating Factors - Comparison Target
... compares themselves with a hypothetical average peer rather than a tangible person ... opposed to when participants compared themselves with an average peer ... written transcript or making self-other comparisons with an average peer ...

Famous quotes containing the words peer and/or average:

    Yet them nor peer nor prince can buy,
    Till ‘Cherry-ripe’ themselves do cry.
    Thomas Campion (1567–1620)

    Personally, I can’t see why it would be any less romantic to find a husband in a nice four-color catalogue than in the average downtown bar at happy hour.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)