Avalanche Press

Avalanche Press is an American company that publishes board wargames and has published some role-playing game supplements. They have produced The Great War at Sea and Panzer Grenadier series, as well as Red Parachutes, one of their earliest games and a detailed study of the Soviet crossing of the Dnepr River in 1943.

Avalanche Press was started in 1994 by Mike Bennighof and Brian Knipple. In 1996, Avalanche Press released the first game in the Great War at Sea series. Twice, the series has won the Origins Award for the best historical game of the year. They have also received many finalist nominations for the Origins Awards.

In 2001 Avalanche Press began to produce products using the open-source d20 system. The book Celtic Age won the 2002 Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement.

Avalanche Press' physical plant is located in Irondale, Alabama after previously being in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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