Avalanche Multiplication

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Avalanche Transistor - Applications - Avalanche Mode Switching Circuits
... Avalanche mode switching relies on avalanche multiplication of current flowing through the collector-base junction as a result of impact ionization ... Avalanche breakdown in semiconductors has found application in switching circuits for two basic reasons it can provide very high switching speeds, since current builds-up in very ... output currents, since large currents can be controlled by very small ones, again due to avalanche multiplication ...
Avalanche Transistor - Applications - The Controlled Avalanche Transit-time Triode (CATT)
... Avalanche mode amplification relies on avalanche multiplication as avalanche mode switching ... However, for this mode of operation, it is necessary that Miller's avalanche multiplication coefficient be kept almost constant for large output voltage swings if this condition is not fulfilled ... Consequently avalanche transistors used for application in switching circuits cannot be used since Miller's coefficient varies widely with the collector to emitter voltage the ...

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