Autrey Mill Nature Preserve & Heritage Center - Heritage Village

Heritage Village

Within Heritage Village are several buildings from various decades that make up the preserve. Heritage Village contains a Visitors' Center built around 1860. This location is where most of the centers activities our held, along with meetings. The Summerour House was built in the 1880s. It is a Victorian Farmhouse that was later moved to Autrey Mill in 1992. The Old Warsaw Church started out a campground in 1822, used by the Moravians, who once lived near the Savannah River settlement. The Moravians used the grounds to organize during the war. The Autrey Mill property additionally contains the Green County Store, The deBray Chapel, built in the 1970s it is the home of many piano recitals. Furthermore the property contains a Farm Museum, a Tenant Farmhouse, a Pole Farm and a Program Barn built in 1942.

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