Autonym may refer to

  • Autonym, the name used by a people to refer to themselves or their language, synonymous with endonym
  • Autonym, the true name of an author disclosed by resolving a pseudonym
  • Autonym (botany), an automatically created infrageneric or infraspecific name
  • Autological word which describes itself

Other articles related to "autonym":

Koryo-saram - Autonym
... In Standard Korean, the term "Koryo-saram" is typically used to refer to historical figures from the Goryeo dynasty to avoid ambiguity, Korean speakers use a word Goryeoin (Korean 고려인 Hanja 高麗人, meaning the same as "Koryo-saram") to refer to ethnic Koreans in the post-Soviet states ... However, the Sino-Korean morpheme "-in" (인) is not productive in Koryo-mar, the dialect spoken by Koryo-saram, and as a result, only a few (mainly those who have studied Standard Korean) refer to themselves by this name instead, Koryo-saram has come to be the preferred term ...
Cree - Name
... These names are derived from the historical autonym nēhiraw (uncertain meaning) or from the historical autonym iriniw (meaning "person") ... Cree using the latter autonym tend to be those living in the territories of Quebec and Labrador ...
Tianlin - Demographics - Yao
... Landian Yao 蓝靛瑶 (autonym Qinmen 琴门, meaning 'mountain people' 山人) Pangu Yao 盘古瑶 (autonym Yumian 育棉) Beilou Yao 背篓瑶 (autonym Bunu 布努) Mubing Yao ...
Autonym (botany) - Other Provisions Concerning Autonyms
... name unaltered, in other words it may not be anything other than an autonym, for example When Seringe published Magnolia L. 3 (1849) 222, the autonym Magnolia L ... The autonym however, was validly published, even though it did not appear in print ...