Australian Residential Architectural Styles - Federation Period C. 1890 - C. 1915

C. 1915

The Edwardian Style was named after King Edward (1901–1910) at the time, and the term Federation coincided with Australia becoming a nation of its own in 1901. Thus, the Federation style was, broadly speaking, the Australian version of the Edwardian, but differed from the Edwardian in the use of Australian motifs, like Kangaroos, the Rising Sun (of Federation), and Emus. The names all indicated very similar styles with features so minute separating them. Cream painted decorative timber features, tall chimneys and fretwork. Federation depicted a Tudor type look, especially on gables, and Edwardian gave a simpler cottage look.

This style was, in fact, the Federation version of the Queen Anne style. Other styles during this period were Federation Academic Classical, Federation Free Classical, Federation Filligree, Federation Anglo-Dutch, Federation Romanesque, Federation Gothic, Federation Carpenter Gothic, Federation Warehouse, Federation Free Style, Federation Arts and Crafts and Federation Bungalow. Out of the twelve Federation styles, however, only the following four were normally used in residential architecture:

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