Australia At The 1996 Summer Olympics

Australia At The 1996 Summer Olympics

Australia competed at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States. Australia sent a record team of 417 athletes, 250 men and 167 women, to the Atlanta Games. Most notable is the number of women, easily more than double the then-record 74 women who had competed in Seoul just eight years earlier.

Australia achieved its greatest ever Olympic result in winning 41 medals: nine gold, nine silver and 23 bronze. Andrew Hoy, a team gold medallist in three-day eventing in 1992 and competing in his fourth Olympics, carried the flag in the Opening Ceremony. The Australian Government had to pay royalties for playing Waltzing Matilda; Carl Fischer Music had copyrighted the song in 1941 as an original composition, although it is not now copyright in Australia.

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