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Another approach to obtaining the right phonograph record equalization settings for transferring vintage recordings to digital media is to use the Chronologic Equalizer in the Souvenir Vintage Sound Processor – MK-2 made by K-A-B Electronics.

Equalizer Setting
AC: Acoustic recordings
AE: Early electric recordings; Victor (some 1925), Columbia (1925), and most European to 1955
E3: Recordings with a 300 Hz turnover; Columbia (1925-1938), and FRR to 1955
E5: Recordings with a 500 Hz turnover; Victor (most 1925-1952)
E7: Recordings with a 700 Hz turnover (some NBC Orthacoustic transcriptions)
CO: Columbia 78 curve (1938 to 1955)
TR: Transcriptions (NAB)
MO: RIAA equalization

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