Audio Bit Depth - Bit Rate - Calculating Values

Calculating Values

An audio file's bit rate can be calculated given sufficient information. Given any three of the following four values, the fourth can be calculated.

Bit rate = (sampling rate) × (bit depth) × (number of channels)

E.g., for a recording with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate, a 16 bit depth, and 2 channels (stereo):

44100 × 16 × 2 = 1411200 bits per second = 1411.2 kbit/s

The eventual file size of an audio recording can also be calculated using a similar formula:

File Size (bits) = (sampling rate) × (bit depth) × (number of channels) × (seconds)

Because there are 8 bits in a byte:

File Size (bytes) = File Size (bits) / 8

E.g., a 70 minutes long CD quality stereo recording will take up 740,880,000 Bytes:

44,100 × 16 × 2 × 4200 / 8 = 740,880,000 Bytes

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