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Atteridgeville is commonly known as "Phelindaba" or "Pheli" which is an isiZulu expression for "End of Story". Atteridgeville is so nicknamed because of its proximity to the now defunct nuclear power sites of "Phelindaba" and "Valindaba" (Close the Story). Some areas of the township are divided in terms of ethnic groupings, a system of housing engineered and instituted by the apartheid government. Some of these areas were nicknamed by local residents.


  • Tlhala mpya - Newly built houses callously nicknamed "divorce the dog" in Northern Sotho.
  • Ou Stad- Sesotho speaking residents are concentrated in this area.
  • Ten Morgan - Same demographics as Ou Stad.
  • Black Rock - A blurred concentration of Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele speaking residents.
  • Matebeleng (derog.) - mixture of Tswana and Sespedi speaking residents are based here.
  • Extension 3,4,5,6 - Newly developed areas defying past ethnic segregation.
  • Selbourne Side - Xitsonga, Tshivenda and Shangane speaking people
  • Ghost Town - Areas near the old graveyard of Atteridgeville
  • Harlem/Mshongo - Atteridgeville-west informal settlement
  • Brazzaville - Another extension of the west informal settlement
  • Skopers - Lotus Gardens

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