Atmel AT89 Series

The Atmel AT89 series is an Intel 8051-compatible family of 8 bit microcontrollers (µCs) manufactured by the Atmel Corporation.

Based on the Intel 8051 core, the AT89 series remains very popular as general purpose microcontrollers, due to their industry standard instruction set, and low unit cost. This allows a great amount of legacy code to be reused without modification in new applications. While considerably less powerful than the newer AT90 series of AVR RISC microcontrollers, new product development has continued with the AT89 series for the aforementioned advantages.

Of more recent times, the AT89 series has been augmented with 8051-cored special function microcontrollers, specifically in the areas of USB, I²C (two wire interface), SPI and CAN bus controllers, MP3 decoders and hardware PWM.

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