ATC - Science, Technology, and Medicine

Science, Technology, and Medicine

  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System, a WHO drug classification system
  • Ancillary Terrestrial Component, a terrestrial mobile telecom system added to a mobile satellite system, approved by the U.S. FCC for portions of the S band
  • Automatic Temperature Compensator, an electronic device which measures the temperature of petroleum products during delivery and automatically calculates the amount of product as though it had been delivered at 15°C
  • Automatic Tool Changer, in the machine tool industry, a unit which allows CNC Turning Centers (lathes) to automatically change cutting tools
  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer, a form of thyroid cancer
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, an allied health care professional whose primary concern is the prevention, recognition, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
  • UK Astronomy Technology Centre, based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland, part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council

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