Asymmetric Induction - Carbonyl 1,3 Asymmetric Induction

Carbonyl 1,3 Asymmetric Induction

It has been observed that the stereoelectronic environment at the β-carbon of can also direct asymmetric induction. A number of predictive models have evolved over the years to define the stereoselectivity of such reactions.

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Carbonyl 1,3 Asymmetric Induction - Evans Model
... Evans presented a different model for nonchelate 1,3-inductions ... The polar X group at the β-stereocenter is placed anti- to the carbonyl to reduce dipole interactions, and Rβ is placed anti- to the aldehyde group to minimize the steric hindrance ... Consequently, the 1,3-anti-diol would be predicted as the major product ...

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