Asymmetric Induction - Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction

Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction

Several models exist to describe chiral induction at carbonyl carbons during nucleophilic additions. These models are based on a combination of steric and electronic considerations and are often in conflict with each other. Models have been devised by Cram (1952), Cornforth (1959), Felkin (1969) and others.

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Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction - Anti–Felkin Selectivity
... a nucleophile to the most sterically favored face of a carbonyl moiety ... One of the most common examples of altered asymmetric induction selectivity requires an α-carbon substituted with a component with Lewis base character (i.e ... This locks the carbonyl and the Lewis base substituent in an eclipsed conformation, and the nucleophile will then attack from the side with the smallest free α-carbon substituent ...

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