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List Of Artillery By Type - Assault Guns
... Assault guns are guns mounted in armored vehicles designed to provide direct fire support for infantry and armored forces ... Typically, the gun is mounted in the hull and the front of the vehicle most heavily armored ...
Battle For Narva Bridgehead - Narva Offensive, 24–30 July - 2nd Shock Army Crossing Narva River
... In the morning of 25 July 1360 Soviet assault guns fired 280,000 shells and grenades at the positions of the Estonian Division across Narva river, who were covering the right flank of the III SS Panzer Corps ... The density of the assault guns was 160 per kilometre of front line ... the artillery strike, the bombers and assault guns moved in to destroy the remaining strong points ...
Second Battle Of Târgu Frumos - The Battle
... Over 100 enemy tanks and assault guns advanced against (the 3rd Platoon) ... the 2nd Company) could count only on the support of three...(assault guns) and the four 15cm Nebelwerfer multiple rocket launchers of (the 10th Company, Panzer Artillery Regiment Grossdeutschland) ... were in among the SPWs when, as if by magic, tanks and assault guns of the SS-Division "Totenkopf" appeared ...
Assault Gun - History - World War II
... Assault guns were primarily used during World War II by the forces of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union ... Early in the war, the Germans began to create makeshift assault guns by mounting their infantry support weapons on the bed of a truck or on obsolete tanks with the turret removed ... Later in the war, both the Germans and the Soviets introduced fully armored purpose-built assault guns into their arsenals ...
9th Panzer Division (Germany) - History - Western Front
... it received 31 Panzer IIIs, 74 Panzer IVs, 20 assault guns, 15 Panther tanks and 200 other vehicles ... At this time, its strength was up to 150 tanks and assault guns as well as 12,768 men ... armored force was reduced to 29 tanks and 16 assault guns ...

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    With drums and guns, and guns and drums
    The enemy nearly slew ye,
    My darling dear, you look so queer,
    Och, Johnny, I hardly knew ye!
    Unknown. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye (l. Chorus.)

    This teaching is not practical in the sense in which the New Testament is. It is not always sound sense in practice. The Brahman never proposes courageously to assault evil, but patiently to starve it out. His active faculties are paralyzed by the idea of caste, of impassable limits of destiny and the tyranny of time.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)