Assassin (character Class)


Assassin (character Class)

The Assassin is a character class common to many role-playing games, often but not always representing the historical Assassin or Ninja. Such characters typically combine combat ability with strong stealth skills, and specialise in defeating an enemy without becoming involved in a protracted melee. Assassins first appeared in many role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons and its rivals, which influenced later appearances in video games. In many of these, the Assassin class is only available to the player after having advanced in another class, such as the Thief.

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Assassin (character Class) - Examples of Assassins in Computer Games
... World of Warcraft Rogues fill the Assassin"class slot ... Rely heavily on stealth,burst damage,poisons,and stunlocking ... Guild Wars Assassinsare a class that rely heavily on burst damage,degen,interrupting,snaring,and shadowstepping teleporting) ...