Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

In computer science and operations research, the artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC) is an optimization algorithm based on the intelligent foraging behaviour of honey bee swarm, proposed by Karaboga in 2005.

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Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm - Application To Real-world Problems
... Karaboga and his research group have been studying the ABC algorithm and its applications to real world problems ... Karaboga and Basturk have investigated the performance of the ABC algorithm on unconstrained numerical optimization problems and its extended version for the constrained ... applied ABC algorithm to neural network training ...
Swarm Intelligence - Example Algorithms - Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
... Artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC) is a meta-heuristic algorithm introduced by Karaboga in 2005, and simulates the foraging behaviour of honey bees ... The ABC algorithm has three phases employed bee, onlooker bee and scout bee ... In the employed bee and the onlooker bee phases, bees exploit the sources by local searches in the neighbourhood of the solutions selected based on deterministic selection in the ...

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