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Wikipedia:Featured Article Candidates - Nominations - Otis Redding
... I am nominating this for featured article because it is the most comprehensive account on soul singer Otis Redding's relatively brief music career ... I expanded the article using Geoff Brown's book and made some small corrections ... (UTC) Comment I'm going to take a more thorough look at the article in a few days, it looks really good ...

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    ... what a family is without a steward, a ship without a pilot, a flock without a shepherd, a body without a head, the same, I think, is a kingdom without the health and safety of a good monarch.
    Elizabeth I (1533–1603)

    It is long ere we discover how rich we are. Our history, we are sure, is quite tame: we have nothing to write, nothing to infer. But our wiser years still run back to the despised recollections of childhood, and always we are fishing up some wonderful article out of that pond; until, by and by, we begin to suspect that the biography of the one foolish person we know is, in reality, nothing less than the miniature paraphrase of the hundred volumes of the Universal History.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)