Arterial Wall

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... Note that the hematoma forms outside the arterial wall, so it is contained by the surrounding tissues ... from a true aneurysm which is a localised dilatation of an artery including all the layers of the wall ... A pseudoaneurysm is also different from an arterial dissection, which is a separation of the layers of the arterial wall, and may be associated with later aneurysm ...
Drug-eluting Stent - History
... reduced, because the stent repaired dissections of the arterial wall ... the stent to ensure its full apposition to the arterial wall, combined with drug-therapy using aspirin and another inhibitor of platelet aggregation (usually ticlopidine or clopidogrel) nearly eliminated this risk ... as a tool for delivering medication directly to the arterial wall ...
Atheroma - IMT Measurements in The Carotid Artery
... atherogenic particles, which favors the penetration of particles into the arterial wall and consequent plaque formation ... hypertrophy, two different compensatory reactions of the arterial wall to changes in shear stress, which also consist in thickening of the arterial wall ... why the carotid artery seems to be a preferential site for analyzing the relation between wall thickness and atherosclerosis ...

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