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On 22 April 2010, Bohemia Interactive confirmed that a standalone expansion pack for ARMA 2, titled Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, would be released worldwide on 29 June 2010. According to the site, players will be able to play as members of the United States Army in a fictional region of west-Asia named Takistan, where the terrain is based on Afghanistan. Operation Arrowhead includes three new maps, a variety of new units, vehicles and equipment, as well as the eponymous campaign. Among the new units are a new array of United States Army personnel and vehicles, Czech forces and German KSK units. United Nations peacekeepers are also present as an independent faction.

The expansion is a standalone, meaning it can be run without the content in the original ARMA 2, but players who purchased ARMA 2 will also be able to integrate that content into Operation Arrowhead. The developers plan on releasing some of the core changes introduced in Operation Arrowhead (such as performance optimizations) as patches, allowing regular ARMA 2 players to access to any engine improvements introduced in the expansion. New content, however, will remain exclusive to Operation Arrowhead.

Bohemia Interactive has so far released two downloadable content packs for Operation Arrowhead. The first DLC called British Armed Forces adds units from the British Army, and a new mini-campaign, where players assume the role of a company from The Parachute Regiment operating in Takistan. The second DLC called Private Military Company includes a new campaign, environment, vehicles and weapons. On 4 June 2012, a third DLC titled Army of the Czech Republic was announced.

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