Arkansas Activities Association - Sanctioned Sports

Sanctioned Sports

The AAA currently governs a total of 12 sports, listed below in order of season's start:

  • Golf (Boys/Girls)
  • Tennis (Boys/Girls)
  • Volleyball (Girls)
  • Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
  • Football
  • Spirit (Competitive Cheer/Dance) (Girls/Co-Ed)
  • Basketball (Boys/Girls)
  • Swimming/Diving (Boys/Girls)
  • Bowling (Boys/Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys/Girls)
  • Baseball (Boys)
  • Fast-Pitch Softball (Girls)
  • Track & Field (Boys/Girls)
  • Wrestling

Although the word "activities" is used in the name, the AAA is directly responsible only for interscholastic athletics. Other activities, including music, forensics, and spirit groups, are governed by their own associations affiliated with yet not part of the AAA, who is only responsible for sanctioning (approving) the events. These associations usually adopt the AAA's means of determining eligibility as well as its size classifications seen below, but regional classifications and means of organizing events are left only to their respective associations.

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