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Ariel studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the International Karate school under Fernando Yamasaki and UFC referee Mario Yamasaki. She got the nickname "Underdog" because she was the first woman training at her gym, making her an automatic underdog. Her signature moves include the flying armbar and guard work. Ariel placed in the following non exhaustive list of tournaments:

Event Name Division Place
2007 Grapplers Quest Liberty Bell No-Gi Challenge Women's Advanced No-Gi Class D (145-159.9 lbs.) 1st Place
2007 Grapplers Quest North American Championships Women’s BJJ Blue Belt Class D (145-159.9 lbs.) 3rd Place
2007 Diamond State Games Teen's Advanced BJJ Middleweight (130-149.9 lbs.) 3rd Place
2007 Diamond State Games Teen's Advanced No-Gi Middleweight (135-149.9 lbs.) 3rd Place

Ariel is ranked 1st in Women's Advanced No-Gi Class D (145-159.9 lbs.) according to Grappling League. In NAGA events, Ariel is ranked 36th in no-gi and 28th in gi with 4 NAGA-associated event wins according to Rated. She currently works for Grapplers Quest.

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