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Famous Residents

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  • Guido d'Arezzo, the most notable music theorist of the Middle Ages and inventor of modern music notation, was born there around the year 991.
  • Bartolomeo di ser Gorello, author of the first town chronicle of Arezzo.
  • Piero della Francesca, the painter, was born in the province of Arezzo and spent most of his life in the city.
  • Petrarch, the poet.
  • Pietro Aretino,author, playwright, poet and satirist who wielded immense influence on contemporary art and politics and invented modern literate pornography.
  • Giorgio Vasari, the painter, architect, and biographer.
  • Francesco Redi, a 17th century physician.
  • Poggio Bracciolini and Michelangelo were born near the town.
  • Negrita (band), a Rock, Blues, Latin Music Band.
  • Daniele Bennati, cyclist.
  • Federico Luzzi, Former ATP Tennis Player
  • Luc Ferrari, Avant Garde Composer
  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse, American actors, starring in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck

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