Arena Football League Offensive Player of The Year Award

The Arena Football League Offensive Player of the Year Award has been given to the seasons best offensive player since 1996.

Season Player Team Position
1996 Eddie Brown Albany Firebirds WR/DB
1997 Barry Wagner Orlando Predators WR/DB
1998 Calvin Schexnayder Arizona Rattlers WR/LB
1999 Eddie Brown Albany Firebirds WR/DB
2000 Mike Horacek Iowa Barnstormers WR/LB
2001 Aaron Garcia New York Dragons QB
2002 Mark Grieb San Jose SaberCats QB
2003 Chris Jackson Los Angeles Avengers WR
2004 Marcus Nash Las Vegas Gladiators WR/LB
2005 Damian Harrell Colorado Crush WR
2006 Damian Harrell Colorado Crush WR
2007 Siaha Burley Utah Blaze WR/DB
2008 Chris Jackson Philadelphia Soul WR
2010 Chris Greisen Milwaukee Iron QB
2011 Aaron Garcia Jacksonville Sharks QB
2012 Tommy Grady Utah Blaze QB

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