Aref Al-Dajani

Aref Al-Dajani

Aref Basha al-Dajani (Arabic: عارف الدجاني‎) (1856 - April 14, 1930) was an Arab Palestinian politician who served as mayor of Jerusalem in 1917-1918.

Aref al-Dajani was born in Jerusalem in 1856.

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... serving for one year as mayor of Jerusalem, al-Dajani joined the Administrative Committee of the Muslim-Christian Association (MCA) and went on to become Jerusalem and then regional. 10, 1919 under the leadership of Aref al-Dajani and Izzat Darwazah ... influence or protection." As chairman of the Jerusalem Congress, al-Dajani rejected political Zionism and agreed to accept British assistance on condition that ...