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Tarundeep Rai - Awards and Achievements
... Arjuna Award (2005) for his achievements in archery ... Silver Medalist, Recurve Men's Team, Archery World Cup, Porec, Croatia, 2011 Silver Medalist, Recurve Men's Individual, Asian Games, Guangzhou, P.R ... China, 2010 Gold Medalist, Recurve Men's Team, Archery World Cup, Shanghai, P.R ...
Natalia Erdyniyeva - Early Career Achievements
... April 30, 2007 — Silver at the second stage of Archery World Cup 2007, Varese ... May 28, 2007 — Gold result at the third stage of Archery World Cup 2007, Antalya July 7, 2007 — Bronze at the 44th Outdoor Archery World championship, Leipzig ... November 24, 2007 — Bronze at the Archery World Cup 2007, Dubai ...
Arthur Schopenhauer
1788 – 21 September 1860) was a German philosopher best known for his book, The World as Will and Representation, in which he claimed that our ... the four distinct aspects of experience in the phenomenal world consequently, he has been influential in the history of phenomenology ...
Economy (disambiguation)
... of being efficient or frugal in using resources see energy conservation World economy, the economy of the world Virtual economy, an economy simulated in a virtual world Economy ...
Nine Largest Wars (by Death Toll)
... These are of course the two World Wars, then followed by the Second Sino-Japanese War (which is sometimes considered part of World War II, or overlapping with that war) ... The death toll of World War II, being 60 million plus, surpasses all other war-death-tolls by a factor of two ... millions) Date War 60–72 1939–1945 World War II (see World War II casualties) 36 755–763 An Shi Rebellion (number exaggerated based on census system,but not considering the territorial shrink and inefficient ...

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