Arch of Trajan

The Arch of Trajan is an ancient Roman triumphal arch in Benevento, southern Italy. It was erected to celebrate emperor Trajan across the Via Appia, at its entrance in the city.

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Arch Of Trajan - Description
... The arch has a single, barrel-vaulted archway, and is 15.60 m-high and 8.60 m wide ... The arch is built in limestone covered by opus quadratum with Parian marble slabs ... On the internal side, on the left, was the depiction of Trajan welcomed by the Capitoline Triad and, on the right, Trajan in the Forum Boarium ...
Emerita Augusta - Arch of Trajan
... Entrance arch, possibly the provincial forum ... Immersed in the maze and masked by modern construction nearby houses, this arch stands majestic and admired by travelers and historians of all time ...

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