Arch-gravity Dam - Gravity Dam

The gravity dam is a massive structure made of masonry or concrete with earth and rock fill. Gravity dams use their own weight to resist opposing forces and as such require a hard bedrock foundation. They rely on their great weight and size for stability. The gravity dam is the most commonly built dam in the world. One of the reasons for this is the simplicity of design. Unfortunately it requires great quantities of material to construct.

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Types of Dams - By Structure - Arch-gravity Dams
... A gravity dam can be combined with an arch dam into an arch-gravity dam for areas with massive amounts of water flow but less material available for a purely gravity dam ... The inward compression of the dam by the water reduces the lateral (horizontal) force acting on the dam ... Thus, the gravitation force required by the dam is lessened, i.e ...
Arch-gravity Dam - Overview
... Arch-gravity dams are massive dams of concrete that resist the thrust of water by their weight pushing down using the force of gravity ... A gravity dam is constructed so that the dam's massive weight resists the pressure of the water against it ... At the same time an arch-gravity dam incorporates the arch's curved design that is so effective in deflecting the water in narrow, rocky locations where the gorge's side are of hard rock and the ...

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