Arch-gravity Dam

An arch-gravity dam, curved-gravity dam or arched dam is a dam with the characteristics of both an arch dam and a gravity dam. It is a dam that curves upstream in a narrowing curve that directs most of the water against the canyon rock walls, providing the force to compress the dam. It combines the strengths of two common dam forms and is considered a compromise between the two. They are generally made of reinforced concrete which provides more strength compared to normal concrete. A typical example is the Hoover Dam. A gravity dam requires a large volume of internal fill. An arch-gravity dam can be thinner than the pure gravity dam and requires less internal fill.

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Arch-gravity Dam - Arch Dam
... An arch dam is a thin, curved concrete or masonry dam structure, with the concave side of the curve downstream ... An arch dam is a good dam type for a narrow gorge in a mountainous area with steep walls of rock ... and therefore requires less concrete than a gravity or arch-gravity dam ...

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