• (adj): Of or relating to the peoples who speak the language of the Arawak.
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Maipurean Languages
... Arawakan (Arahuacan, Maipuran Arawakan, "mainstream" Arawakan, Arawakan proper), also known as Maipurean (also Maipuran, Maipureano, Maipúre), is a language family that spans from the Caribbean and Central ... language families in a hypothetical Macro-Arawakan stock ... See Arawakan vs Maipurean for details ...
Garifuna Language - History
... Garifuna traces its history through Carib, Arawakan, and African peoples ... The Caribs had conquered the previous population of the islands, Arawakan peoples like the Taino and Palikur peoples ... primarily by men, the Carib married Arawakan women ...
Taíno - Terminology
... Daniel Garrison Brinton, called these the "Island Arawak." The name was derived from the Arawakan word for cassava flour, a staple of their diet ... The Arawakan language family is made up of languages that were present throughout the Caribbean, and much of Central and South America ... Linguists continue to debate whether the Carib language is an Arawakan dialect or creole language—or perhaps an individual language, with an Arawakan pidgin often used to communicate ...
Maipurean Languages - Languages - Ethnologue
... Ethnologue (2009) and Linguist List list the following extinct "unclassified Arawakan" languages which do not appear in Campbell, Kaufman, or Aikhenvald ... as otherwise, starting with the 2009 edition, Arawakan and Maipurean are synonyms ... Mawayana is listed as Arawakan without being further classified ...
Maipurean Languages - Arawakan Vs. Maipuran
... are Maipurean or Maipuran and Arawak or Arawakan ... The term Arawakan is now used in two senses ... Maipurean used to be thought to be a major subgroup of Arawakan, but all the living Arawakan languages, at least, seem to need to be subgrouped with languages already found within ...

More definitions of "Arawakan":

  • (noun): A family of South American Indian languages spoken in northeastern South America.
    Synonyms: Arawak
  • (noun): A member of a widespread group of Amerindians living in northeastern South America.
    Synonyms: Arawak