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Aragonese lexicology shows the origin of Aragonese words from different languages that have influenced it.

The influence of other Romance languages on Aragonese is evident, especially from neighboring languages. Catalan and Occitan influenced Medieval Aragonese, and the Catalan influence continued, under the Crown of Aragon, in the territory where the languages are in contact (Ribagor├ža), a fact that explains the main characteristics of Eastern Aragonese. Since the 15th century, the Romance language that has influenced Aragonese the most is Spanish, having been adopted in almost all of Aragon as the first language and reducing Aragonese to the Pirineos.

Another Romance language with certain influence is French, the only official language in the neighboring country. Italian loans have come through other languages such as Catalan, and words from Portuguese, through Spanish.

Germanic words came through the conquest of Germanic peoples in the 5th century.

Aragonese has also loans from Arabic and Mozarabic languages due to the Umayyad conquest of Hispania in the 8th century. Arabic has brought words from other languages such as Persian and Sanskrit.

Finally, English, with its international importance, has introduced a lot of new words into the language.

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