Arab Lobby in The United States

The Arab lobby in the United States is a collection of formal and informal groups and professional lobbyists paid directly by Arab governments that lobby the public and government of the United States on behalf of Arab interests. and/or on behalf of Arab-American rights in the United States.

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Arab Lobby In The United States - Power of Lobby
... Mitchell Bard, author of 2010 book The Arab Lobby and a former editor of the "Near East Report", a weekly newsletter published by the American Israel Public ... Khoury have also written about the virtual non-existence of an Arab lobby in America ... In a 2007 State Department Foreign Press Center Briefing James Zogby of the Arab American Institute denied Arab Americans lobby for Arab governments ...
1920 Nebi Musa Riots - Aftermath
... Five Jews and four Arabs were killed, while wounded were 216 Jews, 18 critically 23 Arabs, one critically ... Amin al-Husayni on how to demonstrate to the world that Palestinian Arabs would not tolerate Jewish rule ... The Zionist Commission noted that Arab milkmen demanded their customers in Meah Shearim pay them on the spot, explaining that they would no longer be serving the ...
1920 Nebi Musa Riots - April 4–7, 1920 in The Old City
... Arab educator and essayist Khalil al-Sakakini described how tribes and caravans would come with banners and weapons ... on April 4, 1920, 60,000–70,000 Arabs had already congregated in the city square, and groups of them had already been attacking Jews in the Old City's alleys for over an ... was being delivered from the balcony of the Arab Club ...
1936–1939 Arab Revolt In Palestine - Historiography
... The Great Arab Revolt has been and still is marginalized in both Western and Israeli historiography on Palestine, and even progressive Western scholars have little to say about the anti-colonial struggle of the ... In private, however, David Ben-Gurion was unequivocal, the Arabs, he said, were "fighting dispossession.. ... land, but of losing the homeland of the Arab people, which others want to turn into the homeland of the Jewish people." But it should not be forgotten that he ...
2004 Pan Arab Games
... The 10th Pan Arab Games was an international multi-sport event which took place in Algiers, Algeria, between 24 September and 10 October 2004 ... It witnessed the participation of all Arab League members for the first time – 22 countries participated in 26 sports ...

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