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Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique
... La Spirotechnique (later Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique) is a large and well-known French firm which makes scuba gear, scuba sets and other breathing apparati ... It started making the so called Aqua-Lung regulators, like the CG45 (1945) and the Mistral (1955), among others ...
Standard Diving Dress - History
... the helmet and dress changed little over the years until superseded in the 1950s with the Aqua-Lung being adapted to surface supplied air, known as hookah ... The Aqua-Lung is now called scuba ... The Aqua Lung type breathing apparatus conserves air when applied to a helmet ...
Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique - History
... In English-speaking countries the CG45 was commercialized under the name of Aqua-Lung, a word coined by Cousteau himself on that purpose ... For more information see Aqua-lung#Trademark issues ... At some point La Spirotechnique used the word Aqua Lung to change its name, or to use it as an alternate name ...
Ted Eldred - Open-circuit Compressed Air
... The French-designed open circuit SCUBA, called the Aqua Lung, was protected by US patent and international patents, so Eldred set about designing the Porpoise CA (a prototype), the world's first single hose regulator ... Eldred referred to the French model as the Gagnan Aqua Lung, as designer Émile Gagnan was the Frenchman who actually designed the device for Jacques-Yves Cousteau ... This new design was superior to the Aqua Lung, and did not violate any of the existing patents ...
Aqua Lung America - History
... Aqua Lung America, along with Aqua Lung International, is a division of Air Liquide, which held the patent on the first "Aqua-Lung" regulator until the patent ... This "Aqua-Lung" regulator was created by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan during World War II, in 1943 ... Divers, which ended as a division of Aqua Lung America when La Spirotechnique took the name of its main product Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique ...

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