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Eye–hand Coordination - Clinical Syndromes - Bálint's Syndrome
... The first approach is the adaptive or functional approach ... It involves functional tasks that utilize a patient's strengths and abilities ... The second approach is remedial approach and involves restoration of the damaged central nervous system by training perceptual skills ...
Propaganda - Techniques
... Ad nauseam This argument approach uses tireless repetition of an idea ... This approach works best when media sources are limited or controlled by the propagator ... Common man "The "plain folks" or "common man" approach attempts to convince the audience that the propagandist's positions reflect the common sense of the people ...

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    Maturity involves being honest and true to oneself, making decisions based on a conscious internal process, assuming responsibility for one’s decisions, having healthy relationships with others and developing one’s own true gifts. It involves thinking about one’s environment and deciding what one will and won’t accept.
    Mary Pipher (20th century)

    I am always glad to think that my education was, for the most part, informal, and had not the slightest reference to a future business career. It left me free and untrammeled to approach my business problems without the limiting influence of specific training.
    Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)