Appointment To The Order of Canada

Appointment To The Order Of Canada

Appointment into the Order of Canada is the process by which Canadians citizens or certain foreign persons are inducted into the Order of Canada, an act that is Canada's second highest civilian honour within the country's system of honours. Any living Canadian or foreign national may be nominated for appointment; however, the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada and the Governor General of Canada make the final decision on appointments. Members of the order may also be elevated within it if he or she has continued to provide service to Canada, or to humanity in general, after their appointment.

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Appointment To The Order Of Canada - Role of Politicians in Appointment
... Prior to the 1970s honorary appointments to the order had to be approved by Cabinet ... hurdle resulted in there being no honorary appointments to the order until the 1980s ... honorary companion by Cabinet, and notice of his appointment was prepared in advance of cabinet rubber stamping the nomination ...

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