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"Apple Joystick IIe, IIc" (A2M2002)
Essentially a gaming device around long before the mouse, the joystick could be used for many of the same functions.

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... Commodore produced joystick controllers for the Commodore 64, largely compatible with Atari joysticks, as well as paddles (which were not Atari compatible) ... Commodore's joysticks were often derided because they were not particularly robust, especially for extreme gameplay ... Many gaming enthusiasts preferred third-party joysticks, while some enthusiasts even built their own joysticks and controllers for the Commodore 64, or modified ...
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... from the perception that the game's controls, rather than joysticks, were pink rubber bulges meant to represent breasts ... This was done because some members of Atari jokingly mentioned that joysticks curiously resembled a phallus ... the cabinet replaced the controls with standard joysticks ...
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... The Atari had a large number of input devices (such as joysticks, paddles, keyboards, etc...) as well as third-party components ... The console came packaged with two standard joysticks and a set of paddles ... Joysticks, featuring a single button and 4-directional stick, were used by most Atari games and were the predominate input device ...