Apollo Energy Systems

Apollo Energy Systems

Apollo Energy Systems, Inc is a US multinational alternative energy corporation headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida that develops, produces and markets fuel cell power plants, electric propulsion systems, and alternative energy generation equipment. The company was founded in 1966 as the Electric Fuel Propulsion Corporation (EFP) in New Orleans, Louisiana, and later became known as the Electric Auto Corporation (EAC).

In 1966 the company built and tested the MARS1 electric car using a tri-polar lead-cobalt battery. Within five years, EFP had introduced of the Electrosport station wagon as the first mass-produced electric car. To demonstrate the viability of their electric car business, EFP also created the “World’s First Electric Car Expressway” between Detroit and Chicago.

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Apollo Energy Systems - Apollo Electric Vehicle Programs
... Since the 1960s, the company's propulsion systems have powered over two thousand vehicles ... A large number of these have been American and European automotive platforms, while the others have been of the company's own brand of vehicles, including MARS I and II, MARS VAN, TRANSFORMER I, SILVER VOLT I ...

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