Apollo 21

Apollo 21

"Apollo 21" is an apocryphal reference to an eleventh manned Moon landing mission of NASAs Apollo program. Apollo contracted for the construction of fifteen Saturn V launch vehicles used to launch the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon, and achieved the first manned landing with the sixth one (Apollo 11), leaving nine for follow-on lunar missions, through Apollo 20. However, budget cuts caused NASA to cancel the last three missions, ending the lunar program after Apollo 17. One Saturn V was used to launch the Skylab space station, and parts of the other two became museum displays.

An "Apollo 21" lunar landing mission appears in three twenty-first century works of fiction.

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Apollo 21 - Fictional References
... The novel Apollo 21 by Frank Hogan, published on Lulu in 2007-2008, is a murder mystery set on a fictional lunar mission ... British radio comedian Nick Mohammed produced an Apollo 21 sketch as a mockumentary about the fictional mission on his BBC Radio 4 series on November 11, 2009 ... Art Exhibition The Laika's Dream, Apollo 21 (Space Must be the Place) curated by Romaric Tisserand at the MoMO Galerie in Paris on November 12, 2011 ...

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    Here Men from The Planet Earth
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    July, 1969 AD
    We Came in Peace for All Mankind
    —Plaque left behind on the moon’s surface by the crew of Apollo 11.