Any Minute Now

Any Minute Now is an electronic rock album by Soulwax. It was released on August 23, 2004 on the PIAS record label, peaking at #53 in the UK. Most of the tracks on Any Minute Now were remixed on Soulwax's follow-up record, 2005's Nite Versions.

Like on most CDs from Soulwax and 2 Many DJ's, an untitled hidden track can be heard by rewinding before the start of the first track. A version of this hidden track appeared on Nite Versions as "I Love Techno".

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Any Minute Now - Track Listing
... "E Talking" – 435 "Any Minute Now" – 307 "Please.. ... Don't Be Yourself" – 342 "Compute" – 444 "KracK" – 232 "Slowdance" – 423 "A Ballad to Forget" – 237 "Accidents and Compliments" – 432 "NY Excuse" – 448 "Miserable Girl" – 341 "YYY/NNN" – 400 "The Truth Is So Boring" – 448 "Dance 2 Slow" – 146 ...

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