Antonis Remos - Biography - San Anemos and Alithies & Psemata (2005–present)

San Anemos and Alithies & Psemata (2005–present)

In 2005 Antonis Remos performed live in Athens Arena for a second year in the row. This time he sang with Mihalis Hatzigiannis. Also in 2005 his new album was released. It was the third album with the famous composer Giorgos Theofanous, and it was titled "San Anemos" ("Like a wind"). In this album, 3 talented voices joined Antonis Remos in 3 different songs. The first song was with Marinella, second song with the famous singer Giorgos Margaritis, and a third song was with the Italian artist Massimo di Cataldo. The album gained platinum status. During winter 2006 Antonis Remos appeared live in the Athens Arena, but this time next to Marinella, the first lady singer of Greece who restarted her live appearances having Antonis Remos by her side after 15 years!

This is the time that Antonis Remos celebrates his 10 years in discography. Sony BMG Greece released a triple Best Of album which became platinum. In summer 2007, Remos did a tour around Greece, giving 25 sold-out concerts for the first time after 10 years. He had with him a new band from Thessaloniki named "Onirama". Antonis Remos and Onirama met in MAD TV's secret concert that was given in February and from that night, a new album was released. Hit songs of Antonis Remos were "retouched" by Onirama, gaining gold status under the title "Antonis Remos in Concert feat. Onirama".

Winter 2007 found him for a second year with Marinella in Athens Arena. For the first time, and due to people's request, the two artists continue these performances also until March 2008.

Right after that Antonis Remos and Sakis Rouvas were again joining forces for a worldwide tour in Canada, the United States, Australia and Africa, from 13 March until 25 May. In winter 2008 Remos performed alone for the first time in the Athens Arena. The success was huge, and the appearances got an extension until the end of May. At the same time he released his eight studio album Alithies & Psemata ("Truths and Lies"). The album gained gold status immediately, and later platinum.

On 16 March, Antonis Remos began his first European tour in Brussels, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, the Stockholm, London, Istanbul, Belgrade, Tel Aviv. Later this summer Remos along with Emigre gave concerts throughout Greece.

He has continued to perform live in Diogenis Studio club. He also released a new song called "Terma i Istoria".

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