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Antonia Maury was born in Cold Spring, New York. She was named in honor of her direct ancestress, Antonia Caetana de Pravia Pereia of a noble family that had to flee Portugal to Brazil because of Napoleon Bonaparte's wars. Some of that royal family was imprisoned by Napoleon.

(a source "America Is People and Ideas" by Dorothy Myers Peed) (a source Henry Draper and John William Draper Wikipedia articles.

Antonia's father was the Reverend Mytton Maury, a direct descendant of the Reverend James Maury (who fathered 13 children) and one of the sons of Sarah Mytton Maury who married William Maury and had 11 children and was also the authoress of "Statesmen of America". Antonia Maury's mother was Virginia Draper, a daughter of Antonia Coetana de Pravia Pereia and Dr. John William Draper.

(a source "America Is People and Ideas" by Dorothy Myers Peed)

Reverend Mytton Maury is a descendant of Reverend James Maury who fathered 13 children and a kinsman of Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury of the United States Naval Observatory who is a grandson of the Reverend James Maury.

Rev. Mytton Maury, minister and naturalist, married Virginia Draper and had three children, John William Draper Maury who became a doctor, Antonia Caetana de Pravia Pereia Maury, and Carlotta Jaquina Maury (gained prominence in Palentology -- - "Carlotta Jaquina Maury - American Palentologist."

Antonia Maury was the granddaughter of John William Draper and niece of Henry Draper, both pioneering astronomers.

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