Antler Lake, Alberta

Antler Lake, Alberta

Antler Lake is a hamlet in Alberta, Canada within Strathcona County. It is located on the shores of Antler Lake on Range Road 211 and 211A just north of Wye Road, approximately 18 km (11 mi) east of Sherwood Park and 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Tofield.

Antler Lake consists of residences developed on the eastern and southern shores of the lake, with some also developed on Hazelnut Island. It also has two playgrounds and access to outdoor recreation opportunities in the surrounding area.

The hamlet is near the Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife and Provincial Recreation Area, and the Elk Island National Park of Canada. Antler Lake is also situated within 5 km (3.1 mi) of the Uncas Elementary School, which many of the local children attend.

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