Anti-Jewish Pogroms in The Russian Empire

The term "pogrom" in the meaning of large-scale, targeted, and repeated anti-Jewish rioting, saw its first use in the 19th century, in reference to the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. The issue of pogroms arose sometime after the Pale of Settlement was created by the Russian government to prevent the Jewish population from spreading over the country unless they would convert to Christian Orthodox.

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Anti-Jewish Pogroms In The Russian Empire - Russian Pogroms in Arts and Literature
... wrote the poem In the City of Slaughter in response to the Kishinev pogrom ... Elie Wiesel's The Trial of God depicts Jews fleeing a pogrom and setting up a fictitious "trial of God" for His negligence in not assisting them against the bloodthirsty mobs ... The experience of a Russian Jew is also depicted in Elie Wiesel's The Testament ...

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