Anti-humor - Nonsense Jokes

Nonsense Jokes

Nonsense jokes lack intrinsic meaning, and become funny simply because they are absurd, as in a nonsense riddle from the 1930s:-

Q: What is the difference between a duck?
A: One leg is both the same.

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Famous quotes containing the words jokes and/or nonsense:

    Both gossip and joking are intrinsically valuable activities. Both are essentially social activities that strengthen interpersonal bonds—we do not tell jokes and gossip to ourselves. As popular activities that evade social restrictions, they often refer to topics that are inaccessible to serious public discussion. Gossip and joking often appear together: when we gossip we usually tell jokes and when we are joking we often gossip as well.
    Aaron Ben-Ze’Ev, Israeli philosopher. “The Vindication of Gossip,” Good Gossip, University Press of Kansas (1994)

    “But it’s nonsense to think he’d care enough.”
    “You mean you couldn’t understand his caring.
    Oh, but you see he hadn’t had enough....”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)