Anthony Napoleon

Anthony Napoleon, Ph.D., 1979 Graduate of International University's College of Arts and Sciences, School of Psychology, is a nationally recognized trial analyst and forensic psychologist. Napoleon, Anthony, An Insider's Look at the Laci Peterson Case. Grand Tour Magazine, 2005 Winter. Napoleon is internationally recognized as an expert on forensic profiling and the psychology of plastic surgery. Dr. Napoleon's work on the psychology of plastic surgery has been cited in peer reviewed journals and books in several languages and cultures. His training included work at the United States International University and a medical psychology fellowship in plastic surgery. He was an early developer and innovator of methods and techniques used to decipher criminal behavior and to reconstruct personality profiles based upon images, writings and contextual behavior.

His work has been featured on Court TV, NPR and other major television and radio outlets. He has been a guest lecturer at law schools and provides ABA-approved continuing education to lawyers across the country. His clients have included governmental entities as well as the private sector. He is president of Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc., headquartered in La Jolla, California

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