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List Of Eponymously Named Medical Signs
... Bancroft vascular medicine deep vein thrombosis pain on anterior, but not lateral, compression of calf B Bárány test Robert Bárány ENT,neurology vertigo, vestibular dysfunction synd/595 at Who Named It ... Dahl pulmonology COPD pigmented calluses on anterior surface of thighs (from leaning on elbows) D Dalrymple sign John Dalrymple ophthalmology, endocrinology thyrotoxicosis synd/494 at Who Named It ... soft palate F Fothergill's sign John Fothergill surgery rectus sheath hematoma anterior abdominal mass which does not cross the midline and is still palpable when abdominal wall ...
Anterior Spinal Veins - Venous Draining
... comb-like repetitive structures that eventually fuse together once in the ventral median spinal fissure ... veins drains its combined contents into an anterior spinal vein ... These veins can infiltrate back into the ventral median spinal fissure previously mentioned by up to a few centimeters ...
Spinal Root Of Accessory Nerve
... The spinal root of accessory nerve (or part) is firm in texture, and its fibers arise from the motor cells in the lateral part of the anterior column of the gray substance of the medulla spinalis as low ... between the ligamentum denticulatum and the posterior roots of the spinal nerves enters the skull through the foramen magnum, and is then directed to the jugular foramen, through ... inferior cardiac pulmonary vagal trunks anterior posterior abdomen celiac renal hepatic anterior gastric posterior gastric accessory (NA, SAN->XI) cranial spinal ...

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    I find it more credible, since it is anterior information, that one man should know heaven, as the Chinese say, than that so many men should know the world.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)